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A Muslim-American Storyteller living in NYC 

Studying Journalism & Film at Baruch College 

2nd Ramadan With COVID: JRN3510 Audio Story

This is an audio story about the Muslim community facing their second Ramadan during the Coronavirus pandemic and how they are adapting to these changes and hoping to make it better than the last Ramadan. Asiah Raja, Youth Director at the Muslim American Society center of Staten Island, was interviewed for this story because she has insight on all of the mosque’s activities and safety measures. She also shared her take on how her last Ramadan went and what she would like to improve during this u

By Siddrah Alhindi – COVID-19: One Year In

How has your life changed during the pandemic? Please give me some specifics

I think everyone’s lives changed drastically. Aside from economical and financial changes, I think everyone’s mental health has been affected as well. Not to say that it changed for the negative only, but it also had some positive outcomes. I think it made room for discipline and forced us all to create routines and focus more on our lives. Overall and personally speaking, I think it helped me gain a new perspective on

Day and Night On Those Ferry Rails – The Macaulay Messenger

This is an anecdote I wrote back when I was commuting to college and when learning was in person. Remote learning is safe and has its advantages, but it also makes us reminisce on an ordinary routine that now sounds like a great escape.

Despite being born and living in New York for most of my life, I haven’t been a part of the city’s scheme up until I began college. Growing up in Brooklyn and then moving to Staten Island meant that I was “a tourist in my own city” because I rarely ever visited

Media Censorship in the Middle East: A Violation of Human Rights – The Macaulay Messenger

Banning books and manually covering exposed skin in magazines are actions regularly

taken by higher powers in a society. In the Middle East, it is no surprise that certain websites are blocked, the Internet can be shut off, journalists are imprisoned, and voices are silenced. Propaganda used to take the form of posters and prints yet now it occurs through posts on streams

of social networks. You can like, follow, block, report, and even self-censor to protect your safety, but the power doesn

Amerika’da Göçmen, Kadın ve Müslüman Olmak

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These Emotional Photos Show What Life Is Like For 5 College Kids As Classes Move Online

Families around the country are beginning to navigate a new world as classes begin amid the coronavirus pandemic. Colleges around the country are testing different methods of instruction, with some moving to online-only instruction and others attempting to hold in-person classes. Some campuses have reopened just to close a few weeks later after a flare-up of positive cases, further disrupting lives. Amid all of this, thousands of students are trying to figure out their place in a world that hold

Pandemic Pen-pals – The Macaulay Messenger

Social-distancing, a measure taken to ensure the minimization of the Coronavirus. This act has separated us from our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and pretty much anyone that does not live in the same household as us. It is the least we can do as average citizens who aren’t medically certified to save lives in the front lines, yet participating in this precaution has also proven to save lives as well. Quarantining and keeping our distance is the safest approach to helping end this pandemic, s

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